Bears Can Smell Fear 16/01/2012


Lewis Holmes (Guitar, Vocals) and Fraser Bush (Guitar) childhood friends joined by Elliot Holmes (Drums) and a notice board random, Tom Fraser (Bass). Formed Bears can Smell Fear in September 2010
Within 5 weeks they had began recording of a few songs “Hitman”, “(Falling off) Rooftops” and “Waiting Game”. Which is quite impressive.
They have played as far away Glasgow, supporting Oswald and even supported The Fridge Magnets right here in Aberdeen.

Lewis and Elliot joined Mark and Jaimi in the studio on Monday nights Band Of The Week Show. Where they treated the dynamic duo to some live tunes and fun chat.

Trent Reznor – Immigrant Song (Led Zepplin Cover)
The Little Kicks – Looking Out for Number One
Bears Can Smell Fear – Hitman
Shy &DRS feat Lynnie Carson – Time and Time Again
Twin Atlantic – Edit Me
Bears Can Smell Fear – Swan Dive (Live)
Kings Of Leon – Use Somebody
Sub Focus – Follow the Light
Volbeat – I Only Wanna Be With You (Dusty Springfield Cover)
DJ’s From Mars – Show Me In Deep (Mark’s Radio Roulette)
Gene Pitney – 24 Hours from Tulsa (Jaimi’s Radio Roulette)
Frightened Rabbits – The Loneliness and the Scream
DJ Morgoth – Rickrawked
Bears Can Smell Fear – We are Who We Are (Kei$ha Cover)
Bears Can Smell Fear – (Falling Off) Rooftops
Biffy Clyro – Who’s Got A Match
Gerry Jablonski and the Electric Band – Undercover

Bears Can Smell Fear Facebook page



Band of the Week: Uniform

Mark, Alex, Runcie, Rankin and Grieg from Uniform, Joined Mark and Jaimi in the studio.
Uniform, an Indie/Rock band from the northeast, had some interesting views about the X-Factor and life in general (Rankin’s Rants). The gem of the evening was finding out that one of the members is the spitting image of a member of the “Glee” cast. Yes, Runcie looks like Brad Ellis, the piano man from Glee. The band were on top form giving us two live performances, one of which was a snow patrol cover.

Uniform’s Soundcloud

Uniform’s Facebook

Uniform’s Tumblr

Track listings for the show.

System of a Down – Radio/Video
Disturbed – Shout 2000 {Mark’s favourite Cover of the Week from 2011}
Uniform – Close Your Eyes
Snow Patrol – Just Say Yes
Uniform – Is this Just what it Takes
Idlewild – American English
Goldfinger – 99 Red Balloons {Cover of the Week}
Deacon Blue – Queen of the New Year {Jaimi’s Radio Roulette}
Proclaimers – King of the Road {Mark’s Radio Roulette}
Uniform – Called Out in the Dark (Live) {Snow Patrol cover}
Shirley Bassey – Let’s Get this Party Started {Pink cover}
Estrella – Come Out to Play
Uniform – Holding Out for Winter (Live)
Uniform – Passport
Foo Fighters – Everlong

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Band of the Week Facebook Page

A Band Carol

The theme for tonight’s show was “A Christmas Carol”. Well it’s more like “A Muppets Christmas Carol”. Mark and Jaimi are your Muppets. You, the listener, are Scrooge.

Mark and Jaimi had a look back at the bands that were on the show and in the studio over 2011. They even had a little look back at themselves and the show. There may have been a sneak peak at what is to come.. All in all it was a very fun and entertaining show. Showing that the boys really enjoy what they do on and off air, with regards to the show.

It may have come to light that Jaimi makes the odd mistake and Mark is prone to a little “Corpsing”, especially when they are recording jingles and fun sound bits.

The tracks we played were:

Joe Bonamassa – Merry Christmas, Baby.
KT Tunstall – Mele Kalikimaka
Dream Theater – Solitary Shell
Train – Hey Soul Sister
Geoff Sharp – The Weekender
Peyton Place – Falling Down Hard
Estrella – Whatever It Is
Boy With Compass – Almost Home
Dream Theater – Through Her Eyes
Amber Wilson – California Love (2 PAC cover)
Tom Petty – Free Fallin’
Bare Naked Ladies – Pollywog In A Bog
Jeff Wayne – Forever Autumn (96 mix)
SHY & DRS – Love Can Move Mountains
Will Leatherbarrow – Our Place
Rival Sons – Pressure and Time
The Lion People – She Believes

Remember you can email the show, even when we are off air AND you can keep up to date with all that is happening via our Facebook page.
Band of the Week Facebook Page

Running The Gauntlet (Show 15)

With Jaimi still recouperating (or so he had lead us to believe!) The Joker stepped in again to fill the guest / co-presenter slot and began to find his radio voice.

It was show 15 and as usual the trivia about the number brought forth one particularly startling fact; it’s the number representing The Devil in a Tarot card pack! And I think The Devil was definately in the details of some of the music we played that night!

We ran the gauntlet of everything- good taste, bad taste. Rock to pop. Indie to reggae. It was eclectic business as usual at SHMU Towers BOTW Wing in other words. But during the Radio Roulette spot, in which we played THREE guilty pleasures (one for each presenter present or absent!) the guys from this weeks BOTW – The Virtues, requested some of their own. Mark E’s jaw hit the floor at the requests and Joker made a bee line for the door…but it was sealed shut tight, usually to prevent GUESTS  from escaping! So The Spice Girls, Dead Or Alive and S Club 7  all made their debuts on the BOTW playlist. Sends shivers down your spine doesn’t it!

It was during Radio Roulette that Jaimi Ray revealed where he actually was! Using the power of hamsters he communicated with the studio to tell us of his plans to invade the moon. He was already there it seemed and so only had time to leave us with Together In Electric Dreams. Here’s hoping he had enough hamster food to get back for the next show!

The Virtues are a very eager young band, (no one over 19!) with a great and diverse sound spectrum. The tracks we played ranged from indie to straight pop and the  acoustic tracks were proffesionally executed and great to listen to. They even found time to slip in a cover of their hero Miles Kane’s Rearranged and  covered it well. They also had alot to say about their reasons for being musicians and how everything from Guns N Roses to The Stone Roses had influenced their unique sound.

The Cover Of The Week ventured into uncovered territory. We’ve had rock, hard rock, swing, blues but never reggae…until this week when Lee Francis laid back and sunshine dappled cover of Aerosmith’s Don’t Want To Miss A Thing created a great and chilled atmosphere in the studio!

So it went from the sublime to the ridiculous in less than two hours but everyone survived and enjoyed the experience…at least that’s what Mark E told them to say!




The Lion People

After a dramatic Halloween Special it was business as usual at SHMU Towers, BOTW Wing and The Lion People (Phil and Jess) came in to play chilled out acoustic songs and chat about how and why they are who they are today.

But instead of Mark and Jaimi questioning them they had another inquisitor in the studio with them! Jaimi was unable to attend the show so, after inputing his DNA into the BOTW Security database and giving him all the passwords, The Joker made his radio debut! No longer just an email sender he was now a presenter!

The night went well and The Joker’s usual standard of tricky questions proved enlightening. He asked the guys ‘ If you could be in any band throughout history, who would you like to join?’. The guys both answered that they would like to stay in the band they were in! Both Jess and Phil have known each other since they were 13 and The Lion People was just the latest incarnation of their song writing collaborations, and they both knew that being together and creating music meant more than anything in the world to them.

Radio Roulette proved to be interesting as both Mark and Jaimi’s choices were soundly trumped by The Jokers own guilty pleasure of Showaddywaddy! So the league of bad musical taste stands at Mark 8, Jaimi 5, Joker 1!

Igloo Q had a few questions to ask and was revealed to be God’s right hand man when it was mentioned that- If it’s on the internet it’s true. If Stephen Fry says it, it’s law. And if Igloo Q emails it in to The Band Of The Week Show, it has come directly from The Man Upstairs lips!

Archangel Igloo will accept all prayers and Devin Townsend CD’s at the ususal address!

Show Ten; STILL Here

Who would have believed it, show 10 broadcast on the 10th day of the 10th month. Fate has a funny way of guiding The BOTW Show!

After a long period of relaxing in SHMU Towers green room, with the hot and cold running champers and vol au vents (in that order!), STILL, our Band Of The Week, joined us in the touch-screen meca that is our studio. The guys are a new band, only formed in January, but have clear ideas on what they want to produce. A powerful mix of psychedelia, punk and blues! With three out of four of the team with us – Josh Hassan – Bass, Liam Kidd – Vocals, and Michael Robertson – Guitar, it was left to Dale Jones – Drums to earn his keep as he had to work, BUT he kept in touch via text with some…unusual messages!

The guys performed one of their own tracks live and also a great acoustic cover of Aloe Blac’s Need A Dollar. For a little guy Liam has a really powerful live voice and, as he noted himself, he just can’t keep still when he’s singing!

The guys also introduced studio tracks from their first EP – Killock.

Texts and emails seemed to be the order of the night and with a possible sign that word of The BOTW Show is spreading, or just that STILL brought listeners witht them, we were swamped with messages, requests and votes for the special Tenth Band Finale.

This weeks Band Finale was a bit of a stitch up. Mark E is off on his holly-bags for the next two shows so decided to go out with a laugh. Jaimi played the jingle, as he’s done for 9 weeks, listening to the curiously eclectic choices this week and then heard a very familiar voice singing on Choice 3. It was him!

Jaimi Ray used to be in a band called Element 106 and has mentioned this on the show a few times. Digging into the archives Mark E found the only track Jaimi sang on and slipped it into the jingle. With no option but to go with it Jaimi now offered the listeners vast bribes of BOTW badges and Phluxx memorabilia masks as payment to NOT vote for choice three.

He failed!

Element 106 – I Try was this weeks Band Finale winner, not by a landslide but a tectonic shift! Thanks to the thousands that voted.

Also thanks to The Joker (our very own Deal Or No Deal mysterious Banker-type figure) who also had one of his tunes as a choice…without knowing it until he too heard it at 8.15pm!

Sinking fast under the tidal wave of messages we managed to play some of STILL’s favourite bands – Black Sabbath, Saxon, Stevie Wonder and Motorhead, and also a few songs using the nights theme of the number 10 – Paolo Nutini, The Beautiful South and UB40 amongst others.

All in all it was an energetic night of banter, friendly practical jokes and gratuitous male topless-ness!

Estrella on show nine


30 minutes to show time, Mark and myself are have some caviar and chilling the champagne for the bands arrival. Out of the corner of my eye I catch a glimps of hair, flash past the window. This is followed closely by the sounds of women screaming and Gladis (the office secretary) fainting.

The guys walk in and instantly there is an air of classic rock to them. The long hair, the clothing even they way they carry themselves. All classic stadium rock. Both of us are unsure how to approach these instant legends.

The ice is eventually broken by talking about what music they wanted to be played on the show.

The name Estrella came from watching a movie with Spanish subtitles. Turned out that Estrella is Spanish for “Star”.

The current line up of Estrella

Paul Gunn (Vocals)
Luke Gunn (Lead Guitar)
Nathan Gunn (Bass Guitar)
Leo MacPherson (Drums)

The majority of the band (the three brothers) hail from Thurso. Things have been quiet for the guys over the 2 year, due to working on their debut album, “Come Out To Play” (in collaboration with John T Sinclair). that’s finished now and is due for release in the first quarter of 2012. The first single will be released on Halloween this year (3/10/2011) titled “One Love”.

It was a fantastic insight into their band, all members used to play guitar, all but one had a change.

Well worth getting especially if your a fan of bands like:

Bon Jovi
Def Leppard

Listen out for the guys as they are this weeks “Band Of The Week” and will be getting played all week on ShmuFM’s fantastic selection of shows.

Keep your ears open, these guys have the makings to be something very special.