Show Five (Flying Solo!)

Well it was an unfortunate turn of events that lead to Always Obvious missing out on appearing on the show. But the confusion was soon rectified and the band appeared in the old BOTW slot with Nikki and Gary on Thursdays Cruise Control.

With no band to cater for we (Mark and Jaimi) got to natter about everything in general, recount stories about Russians breaking peoples little fingers, Hitchhikers Guide To the Galaxy obsessions and then even find time to fend off an alien invasion…kinda! We also got to play more local music than any previous episode. Geoff Sharp even emailed in to say he was a new listener and liked what he heard from the other end of the radio!

Steve Kearney’s audio diary of The Wizard Festival, held on 27th and 28th of August, gave us interviews with The Brothers Reid and The Little Kicks and an insight (or should that be in-hearing?) of the atmosphere and goings on in New Deer over the two days.

Radio Roulette produced one of its most show stopping entries yet with Jaimi’s choice of ‘Pollywog In A Bog’, a childrens song by The Bare Naked Ladies. A truly stunningly bonkers piece of fun!

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