Show 6

This week we were expecting to see Turning 13 in the studio as the guests and featured band. However a throat infection saw to it that that wouldn’t be happening.

So, much like last week! Mark and myself had the entire studio to ourselves. (I wasn’t jumping on the sofa, honest!) We here at SHMU Towers take our jobs very seriously.

There was even cake! Thanks Karen!

Really, how did you get past the man eating stickleback infested moat? Or my attack slug? But the cakes were very appreciated, we even left some for the Grumpy Old Duffer (Paul Hazelle) on the Breakfast Show.

Back to the show. We played some tracks from previous BOTW Show artists as a way of recapping all that had come to pass.

Joker was in full swing with his interrogation, only this time he turned it on us.

“Who are your influences that have brought you to this show and if you could invite anyone on the show and interview them, be they alive or dead, and money being no option, who would it be? Also, what would be the one question that you had always wanted to ask them?”

The answers?… well, you should have been listening to the show.

Both Mark and myself edumicated each other, with our musical choices and I set a new benchmark for guilty pleasures in Radio Roulette.

This weeks cover of the week was:

“Brown Eye’d Girl”, originally by Van Morrison in 1967, covered by Everclear.

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