Show 007 License To Thrill

Boy With Compass helped us break the possible hat-trick of ‘no band’ on Band Of The Week and proved to be very good company with strong views on their music and a truck load of unusual instruments.

They turned up at the studio with 2 guitars (one in concert E and the other in “DADGAD” tunings), 1 harmonium, 1 glockenspiel and a typewriter. Yes a typewriter. They use it as a percussive instrument. On Abandoned Factories it plays during the intro and has a very Pink Floyd “Money” feel to it (not a criticism).

Boy With Compass are: Donald Thomas, David Roy and Samuel Tranter.


The guys previewed their 4 Track EP, released that very day, with both live and studio versions, in their proper running order. And it provided a thoroughly chilled atmosphere, backed up by their choice of tracks from Bon Iver and Chasing Owls.

The Band Finale was a battle royale version as three previous Bands / Artists of the Week fought to claim the hallowed crown of Band Finale winner. Shy and DRS won with their incredible track (aided by vocals from Sandi Thom) ‘The Love Is Gone’.

Cover Of The Week highlighted our diverse universe of cover versions with a heavy rock version of the Abba hit ‘ Eagle’ by Sergeant Fury.

Jaimi has managed to get the next 12 instalments of the “cover of the week” feature sorted. But worry not, if you have a suggestion. You can submit it to us here, facebook, twitter or via email. All the details will be below.

Radio Roulette proved once again that Jaimi has the guiltiest of musical pleasures with ‘The Hot Dog Song’ (King of Rock N Roll by Prefab Sprout), and the tally shows that after seven shows he has ‘won’ five times!

And as a diary setting moment, Jaimi did not mention Devin Townsend ONCE during the whole show! Gasp!

    • Fiona Grant
    • September 26th, 2011

    Jaimi hiya. thanx for playing Vincent haven’t heard it in years,forgot about it. I bought it in 1972, when I was ickle.Great show as alwaysxx

    • Cheers Fiona. Glad you enjoyed the show. Always happy to get feedback. Any suggestions let myself or mark know.


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