Phluxx’s Cruise Control Got Car Jacked!


Mark E and myself car jacked the cruise control show from the masked man of radio, Phluxx.

The masked man disappeared into hiding to regroup while we infiltrated his secret lair, reprogrammed all his electronic DNA locks and changed the time on his VHS machine. I even swapped out all his coffee with gravy granules.

Mark E spent hours hacking the security systems. Me, I went in via the open fire escape.

There is more spandex in there than at an ABBA convention. As for the mirror balls. I have never seen so many. It’s like the roof is alive with light.

So far I have purloined:

1 Dry Ice Machine
12 Assorted Size And Colour Disco Balls
7 Pairs of Sparkling Spandex Breeks
2 Masks (both marked “Phluxx’s Favourite”)
17 Jars of Miscelaineous Coffee (no decaffeinated)

Phluxx’s Auntie phoned twice to let us know the whereabouts of the hiding Phluxx, something to do with the queen inviting him to stay with her for a while, somewhere in Torry.

With Mark E “Running Wild” on the helm and me sitting, almost sleeping, on the fluffy leopard print sofa we ran the show.

Will Phluxx regain access to his secret lair? Will Jaimi Ray look good in the mask and spandex? Will Mark E finally perfect the famous “Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster“?

Tune in next time for “As the Shmu Turns!

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