Show Ten; STILL Here

Who would have believed it, show 10 broadcast on the 10th day of the 10th month. Fate has a funny way of guiding The BOTW Show!

After a long period of relaxing in SHMU Towers green room, with the hot and cold running champers and vol au vents (in that order!), STILL, our Band Of The Week, joined us in the touch-screen meca that is our studio. The guys are a new band, only formed in January, but have clear ideas on what they want to produce. A powerful mix of psychedelia, punk and blues! With three out of four of the team with us – Josh Hassan – Bass, Liam Kidd – Vocals, and Michael Robertson – Guitar, it was left to Dale Jones – Drums to earn his keep as he had to work, BUT he kept in touch via text with some…unusual messages!

The guys performed one of their own tracks live and also a great acoustic cover of Aloe Blac’s Need A Dollar. For a little guy Liam has a really powerful live voice and, as he noted himself, he just can’t keep still when he’s singing!

The guys also introduced studio tracks from their first EP – Killock.

Texts and emails seemed to be the order of the night and with a possible sign that word of The BOTW Show is spreading, or just that STILL brought listeners witht them, we were swamped with messages, requests and votes for the special Tenth Band Finale.

This weeks Band Finale was a bit of a stitch up. Mark E is off on his holly-bags for the next two shows so decided to go out with a laugh. Jaimi played the jingle, as he’s done for 9 weeks, listening to the curiously eclectic choices this week and then heard a very familiar voice singing on Choice 3. It was him!

Jaimi Ray used to be in a band called Element 106 and has mentioned this on the show a few times. Digging into the archives Mark E found the only track Jaimi sang on and slipped it into the jingle. With no option but to go with it Jaimi now offered the listeners vast bribes of BOTW badges and Phluxx memorabilia masks as payment to NOT vote for choice three.

He failed!

Element 106 – I Try was this weeks Band Finale winner, not by a landslide but a tectonic shift! Thanks to the thousands that voted.

Also thanks to The Joker (our very own Deal Or No Deal mysterious Banker-type figure) who also had one of his tunes as a choice…without knowing it until he too heard it at 8.15pm!

Sinking fast under the tidal wave of messages we managed to play some of STILL’s favourite bands – Black Sabbath, Saxon, Stevie Wonder and Motorhead, and also a few songs using the nights theme of the number 10 – Paolo Nutini, The Beautiful South and UB40 amongst others.

All in all it was an energetic night of banter, friendly practical jokes and gratuitous male topless-ness!

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