The Lion People

After a dramatic Halloween Special it was business as usual at SHMU Towers, BOTW Wing and The Lion People (Phil and Jess) came in to play chilled out acoustic songs and chat about how and why they are who they are today.

But instead of Mark and Jaimi questioning them they had another inquisitor in the studio with them! Jaimi was unable to attend the show so, after inputing his DNA into the BOTW Security database and giving him all the passwords, The Joker made his radio debut! No longer just an email sender he was now a presenter!

The night went well and The Joker’s usual standard of tricky questions proved enlightening. He asked the guys ‘ If you could be in any band throughout history, who would you like to join?’. The guys both answered that they would like to stay in the band they were in! Both Jess and Phil have known each other since they were 13 and The Lion People was just the latest incarnation of their song writing collaborations, and they both knew that being together and creating music meant more than anything in the world to them.

Radio Roulette proved to be interesting as both Mark and Jaimi’s choices were soundly trumped by The Jokers own guilty pleasure of Showaddywaddy! So the league of bad musical taste stands at Mark 8, Jaimi 5, Joker 1!

Igloo Q had a few questions to ask and was revealed to be God’s right hand man when it was mentioned that- If it’s on the internet it’s true. If Stephen Fry says it, it’s law. And if Igloo Q emails it in to The Band Of The Week Show, it has come directly from The Man Upstairs lips!

Archangel Igloo will accept all prayers and Devin Townsend CD’s at the ususal address!

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