Running The Gauntlet (Show 15)

With Jaimi still recouperating (or so he had lead us to believe!) The Joker stepped in again to fill the guest / co-presenter slot and began to find his radio voice.

It was show 15 and as usual the trivia about the number brought forth one particularly startling fact; it’s the number representing The Devil in a Tarot card pack! And I think The Devil was definately in the details of some of the music we played that night!

We ran the gauntlet of everything- good taste, bad taste. Rock to pop. Indie to reggae. It was eclectic business as usual at SHMU Towers BOTW Wing in other words. But during the Radio Roulette spot, in which we played THREE guilty pleasures (one for each presenter present or absent!) the guys from this weeks BOTW – The Virtues, requested some of their own. Mark E’s jaw hit the floor at the requests and Joker made a bee line for the door…but it was sealed shut tight, usually to prevent GUESTS  from escaping! So The Spice Girls, Dead Or Alive and S Club 7  all made their debuts on the BOTW playlist. Sends shivers down your spine doesn’t it!

It was during Radio Roulette that Jaimi Ray revealed where he actually was! Using the power of hamsters he communicated with the studio to tell us of his plans to invade the moon. He was already there it seemed and so only had time to leave us with Together In Electric Dreams. Here’s hoping he had enough hamster food to get back for the next show!

The Virtues are a very eager young band, (no one over 19!) with a great and diverse sound spectrum. The tracks we played ranged from indie to straight pop and the  acoustic tracks were proffesionally executed and great to listen to. They even found time to slip in a cover of their hero Miles Kane’s Rearranged and  covered it well. They also had alot to say about their reasons for being musicians and how everything from Guns N Roses to The Stone Roses had influenced their unique sound.

The Cover Of The Week ventured into uncovered territory. We’ve had rock, hard rock, swing, blues but never reggae…until this week when Lee Francis laid back and sunshine dappled cover of Aerosmith’s Don’t Want To Miss A Thing created a great and chilled atmosphere in the studio!

So it went from the sublime to the ridiculous in less than two hours but everyone survived and enjoyed the experience…at least that’s what Mark E told them to say!




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