Phluxx’s Cruise Control Got Car Jacked!


Mark E and myself car jacked the cruise control show from the masked man of radio, Phluxx.

The masked man disappeared into hiding to regroup while we infiltrated his secret lair, reprogrammed all his electronic DNA locks and changed the time on his VHS machine. I even swapped out all his coffee with gravy granules.

Mark E spent hours hacking the security systems. Me, I went in via the open fire escape.

There is more spandex in there than at an ABBA convention. As for the mirror balls. I have never seen so many. It’s like the roof is alive with light.

So far I have purloined:

1 Dry Ice Machine
12 Assorted Size And Colour Disco Balls
7 Pairs of Sparkling Spandex Breeks
2 Masks (both marked “Phluxx’s Favourite”)
17 Jars of Miscelaineous Coffee (no decaffeinated)

Phluxx’s Auntie phoned twice to let us know the whereabouts of the hiding Phluxx, something to do with the queen inviting him to stay with her for a while, somewhere in Torry.

With Mark E “Running Wild” on the helm and me sitting, almost sleeping, on the fluffy leopard print sofa we ran the show.

Will Phluxx regain access to his secret lair? Will Jaimi Ray look good in the mask and spandex? Will Mark E finally perfect the famous “Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster“?

Tune in next time for “As the Shmu Turns!


Show 007 License To Thrill

Boy With Compass helped us break the possible hat-trick of ‘no band’ on Band Of The Week and proved to be very good company with strong views on their music and a truck load of unusual instruments.

They turned up at the studio with 2 guitars (one in concert E and the other in “DADGAD” tunings), 1 harmonium, 1 glockenspiel and a typewriter. Yes a typewriter. They use it as a percussive instrument. On Abandoned Factories it plays during the intro and has a very Pink Floyd “Money” feel to it (not a criticism).

Boy With Compass are: Donald Thomas, David Roy and Samuel Tranter.


The guys previewed their 4 Track EP, released that very day, with both live and studio versions, in their proper running order. And it provided a thoroughly chilled atmosphere, backed up by their choice of tracks from Bon Iver and Chasing Owls.

The Band Finale was a battle royale version as three previous Bands / Artists of the Week fought to claim the hallowed crown of Band Finale winner. Shy and DRS won with their incredible track (aided by vocals from Sandi Thom) ‘The Love Is Gone’.

Cover Of The Week highlighted our diverse universe of cover versions with a heavy rock version of the Abba hit ‘ Eagle’ by Sergeant Fury.

Jaimi has managed to get the next 12 instalments of the “cover of the week” feature sorted. But worry not, if you have a suggestion. You can submit it to us here, facebook, twitter or via email. All the details will be below.

Radio Roulette proved once again that Jaimi has the guiltiest of musical pleasures with ‘The Hot Dog Song’ (King of Rock N Roll by Prefab Sprout), and the tally shows that after seven shows he has ‘won’ five times!

And as a diary setting moment, Jaimi did not mention Devin Townsend ONCE during the whole show! Gasp!

Show 6

This week we were expecting to see Turning 13 in the studio as the guests and featured band. However a throat infection saw to it that that wouldn’t be happening.

So, much like last week! Mark and myself had the entire studio to ourselves. (I wasn’t jumping on the sofa, honest!) We here at SHMU Towers take our jobs very seriously.

There was even cake! Thanks Karen!

Really, how did you get past the man eating stickleback infested moat? Or my attack slug? But the cakes were very appreciated, we even left some for the Grumpy Old Duffer (Paul Hazelle) on the Breakfast Show.

Back to the show. We played some tracks from previous BOTW Show artists as a way of recapping all that had come to pass.

Joker was in full swing with his interrogation, only this time he turned it on us.

“Who are your influences that have brought you to this show and if you could invite anyone on the show and interview them, be they alive or dead, and money being no option, who would it be? Also, what would be the one question that you had always wanted to ask them?”

The answers?… well, you should have been listening to the show.

Both Mark and myself edumicated each other, with our musical choices and I set a new benchmark for guilty pleasures in Radio Roulette.

This weeks cover of the week was:

“Brown Eye’d Girl”, originally by Van Morrison in 1967, covered by Everclear.

Show Your Support

Here we are, loyal fans! If you are here then you are obviously a listener of great taste and want to spread the word about the show to the uninitiated! How soon will Radio Roulette spin-off into a board game and when will the Band Finale winners stage an event big enough to rival Band Aid?

(Probably never, but there’s always a better life in store for you if you are positive!)

So, voila! The BOTW Show badge (top) is 25mm and the rectangular BOTW Show with Jaimi and Mark magnet is 90mm x 50mm.





So if you would like either of these limited edition items of merchandise, or even both, email your postal address to

Be quick though as each item has been produced in very limited quantities!

Show your support, show your love of local music and be a proud fan of the best way to spend a Monday night from 8-10pm ; The BOTW Show on SHMU 99.8fm!

Show Five (Flying Solo!)

Well it was an unfortunate turn of events that lead to Always Obvious missing out on appearing on the show. But the confusion was soon rectified and the band appeared in the old BOTW slot with Nikki and Gary on Thursdays Cruise Control.

With no band to cater for we (Mark and Jaimi) got to natter about everything in general, recount stories about Russians breaking peoples little fingers, Hitchhikers Guide To the Galaxy obsessions and then even find time to fend off an alien invasion…kinda! We also got to play more local music than any previous episode. Geoff Sharp even emailed in to say he was a new listener and liked what he heard from the other end of the radio!

Steve Kearney’s audio diary of The Wizard Festival, held on 27th and 28th of August, gave us interviews with The Brothers Reid and The Little Kicks and an insight (or should that be in-hearing?) of the atmosphere and goings on in New Deer over the two days.

Radio Roulette produced one of its most show stopping entries yet with Jaimi’s choice of ‘Pollywog In A Bog’, a childrens song by The Bare Naked Ladies. A truly stunningly bonkers piece of fun!

Shows 3 And 4

Show three, yes they let us back! And SHMU Towers welcomed some Granite City hip-hop with Shy and DRS.


The guys came into the studio with some ‘choons’ for us to ‘break’ and provided lively company. They also provided a behind the scenes insight at how modern records are produced and just how long it can take from recording, finishing the product to actually releasing it to the public!

A collaboration with Sandi Thom got the studio texts and emails pouring in!

For more information and a free MP3 of ‘Dirty Girl’ head over to


Show four introduced the SHMU listeners to Geoff Sharp. A quiet spoken man with a big talent. His self produced album ‘ No Regrets’ took three years to craft in a bedroom studio and is an amazingly well produced and professional sounding debut.

It is available via Amazon, iTunes or for download via Reverbnation.

Geoff’s followers tuned in and gave us an audience as wide spread as any we’ve ever had!

Become a follower by going to


First Shows Update


Tonight sees the first Band of the Week (BOTW) show broadcast live from Shmu Towers, hosted by MarkE and myself (JaimiRay).
The BOTW this week are “Post Child”, Brian Alvarez will be joining us in the studio, to talk about the band and play some live music for us. Check out their Facebook page:


As this is the first show, nerves all round will be high. However we intend to put on a fantastic show for you.

Some of the features that will be appearing tonight include:
Cover of the Week
Radio Roulette
Band Finalé
So there are things to look forward to tonight for.

So tune in from 8pm-10pm on Shmu 99.8fm or listen online at
Check out our Facebook page




Tonight on the BOTW show we have Peyton Place, a Montrose based band, who formed early 2010.


They are an upbeat pop/rock band with catchy chorus’, fantastic vocal and energetic music. 2010 had seen them work on live performances and their debut EP, “Letters to the Editor” (available on iTunes, amazon and spotify).

Now in 2011′ they are putting all that hard graft to work. Playing gigs all over Scotland and getting dubbed ‘one of the best of the day looked great, tight set and catchy!’

This year also saw them win their night at the Surface Unsigned Festival where they were predicted to have a successful run but unfortunately the band had to withdraw due to scheduling conflicts.

The band most recently won the Tay FM Battle of the Bands 2011 where the judges praised them for their catchy, toe tapping sound and commercial style.

May brought the release of the bands first single ‘Sherlock Holmes’ which is available via iTunes, amazon and spotify.

Check out their Facebook page: