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Band of the Week: Uniform

Mark, Alex, Runcie, Rankin and Grieg from Uniform, Joined Mark and Jaimi in the studio.
Uniform, an Indie/Rock band from the northeast, had some interesting views about the X-Factor and life in general (Rankin’s Rants). The gem of the evening was finding out that one of the members is the spitting image of a member of the “Glee” cast. Yes, Runcie looks like Brad Ellis, the piano man from Glee. The band were on top form giving us two live performances, one of which was a snow patrol cover.

Uniform’s Soundcloud

Uniform’s Facebook

Uniform’s Tumblr

Track listings for the show.

System of a Down – Radio/Video
Disturbed – Shout 2000 {Mark’s favourite Cover of the Week from 2011}
Uniform – Close Your Eyes
Snow Patrol – Just Say Yes
Uniform – Is this Just what it Takes
Idlewild – American English
Goldfinger – 99 Red Balloons {Cover of the Week}
Deacon Blue – Queen of the New Year {Jaimi’s Radio Roulette}
Proclaimers – King of the Road {Mark’s Radio Roulette}
Uniform – Called Out in the Dark (Live) {Snow Patrol cover}
Shirley Bassey – Let’s Get this Party Started {Pink cover}
Estrella – Come Out to Play
Uniform – Holding Out for Winter (Live)
Uniform – Passport
Foo Fighters – Everlong

Remember you can email the show, even when we are off air AND you can keep up to date with all that is happening via our Facebook page.
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A Band Carol

The theme for tonight’s show was “A Christmas Carol”. Well it’s more like “A Muppets Christmas Carol”. Mark and Jaimi are your Muppets. You, the listener, are Scrooge.

Mark and Jaimi had a look back at the bands that were on the show and in the studio over 2011. They even had a little look back at themselves and the show. There may have been a sneak peak at what is to come.. All in all it was a very fun and entertaining show. Showing that the boys really enjoy what they do on and off air, with regards to the show.

It may have come to light that Jaimi makes the odd mistake and Mark is prone to a little “Corpsing”, especially when they are recording jingles and fun sound bits.

The tracks we played were:

Joe Bonamassa – Merry Christmas, Baby.
KT Tunstall – Mele Kalikimaka
Dream Theater – Solitary Shell
Train – Hey Soul Sister
Geoff Sharp – The Weekender
Peyton Place – Falling Down Hard
Estrella – Whatever It Is
Boy With Compass – Almost Home
Dream Theater – Through Her Eyes
Amber Wilson – California Love (2 PAC cover)
Tom Petty – Free Fallin’
Bare Naked Ladies – Pollywog In A Bog
Jeff Wayne – Forever Autumn (96 mix)
SHY & DRS – Love Can Move Mountains
Will Leatherbarrow – Our Place
Rival Sons – Pressure and Time
The Lion People – She Believes

Remember you can email the show, even when we are off air AND you can keep up to date with all that is happening via our Facebook page.
Band of the Week Facebook Page

Shows 3 And 4

Show three, yes they let us back! And SHMU Towers welcomed some Granite City hip-hop with Shy and DRS.


The guys came into the studio with some ‘choons’ for us to ‘break’ and provided lively company. They also provided a behind the scenes insight at how modern records are produced and just how long it can take from recording, finishing the product to actually releasing it to the public!

A collaboration with Sandi Thom got the studio texts and emails pouring in!

For more information and a free MP3 of ‘Dirty Girl’ head over to


Show four introduced the SHMU listeners to Geoff Sharp. A quiet spoken man with a big talent. His self produced album ‘ No Regrets’ took three years to craft in a bedroom studio and is an amazingly well produced and professional sounding debut.

It is available via Amazon, iTunes or for download via Reverbnation.

Geoff’s followers tuned in and gave us an audience as wide spread as any we’ve ever had!

Become a follower by going to