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Estrella on show nine


30 minutes to show time, Mark and myself are have some caviar and chilling the champagne for the bands arrival. Out of the corner of my eye I catch a glimps of hair, flash past the window. This is followed closely by the sounds of women screaming and Gladis (the office secretary) fainting.

The guys walk in and instantly there is an air of classic rock to them. The long hair, the clothing even they way they carry themselves. All classic stadium rock. Both of us are unsure how to approach these instant legends.

The ice is eventually broken by talking about what music they wanted to be played on the show.

The name Estrella came from watching a movie with Spanish subtitles. Turned out that Estrella is Spanish for “Star”.

The current line up of Estrella

Paul Gunn (Vocals)
Luke Gunn (Lead Guitar)
Nathan Gunn (Bass Guitar)
Leo MacPherson (Drums)

The majority of the band (the three brothers) hail from Thurso. Things have been quiet for the guys over the 2 year, due to working on their debut album, “Come Out To Play” (in collaboration with John T Sinclair). that’s finished now and is due for release in the first quarter of 2012. The first single will be released on Halloween this year (3/10/2011) titled “One Love”.

It was a fantastic insight into their band, all members used to play guitar, all but one had a change.

Well worth getting especially if your a fan of bands like:

Bon Jovi
Def Leppard

Listen out for the guys as they are this weeks “Band Of The Week” and will be getting played all week on ShmuFM’s fantastic selection of shows.

Keep your ears open, these guys have the makings to be something very special.